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The evaluators have publicly evaluated search systems, with their evaluations collected and linked on Searchevals. To add evaluations or request the removal of your evaluations, please email the Searchevals team or add an issue on GitHub.
Anyone can be an evaluator. The current criteria for adding evaluators and evaluations is the use of a public platform to make public claims about the performance of a search system for a particular query.
@softInformation Security director at Linden Lab
Adam SelipskyCEO at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
AdaptiveProduct + Design at Adaptive
Andy Ingram Software Engineer at Watershed
Aravind SrinivasCEO at Perplexity AI
ARCHIGNESa search research & development lab
Arunsoftware developer
Bharath chinneniunknown
Bill LennonCo-founder & CEO at Ollie AI
BraveSearch engine
Brendan O'ConnellSr. Manager, Organic Search at The New York Post
bri watson archivist
Carole Cadwalladrinvestigative journalist
ChaseFounding engineer at Codegen
Chris AlbonDirector of Machine Learning at the Wikimedia Foundation
Chris Laidlerunknown
Colin HayhurstCEO at Mojeek
Cyrus ShephardSEO
Daniel Griffinsearch researcher at ARCHIGNES
Darius Atmardata scientist
David Leitertravel blogger
David QuaidSEO
Ed Zitrontechnology columnist
Edwin ChenFounder at Surge AI
Elise ThomasSenior OSINT Analyst at Institute for Strategic Dialogue, investigator at Centre for Information Resilience
Ethan CoreyResearch & Projects Editor at The Appeal
Fabian Stelzertech entrepreneur at GLIF
floating pointunknown
gabe (allgarbled)pseudonymous Twitter user
Gary OsburgSEO
Gergely Oroszsoftware engineer, author
GoogleSearch engine
Guillermo RauchCEO at Vercel
Hassan of the NorthFounder at R2C
Iain Hendryunknown
Iain Hendrywriter
James Vincentauthor and journalist
Jane Manchun Wongsecurity engineer
Janelle Shaneresearch scientist; blogger at
Joe Uchillinfosec reporter
Jonas Perssonimmigration attorney
Jordi RibasMicrosoft Corpoate Vice President; Head of Engineering and Product for Copilot and Bing
Kamil Jaroszewski unknown
Karl Emil NikkaFounder at Nikka Systems
Karri SaarinenCEO at Linear
Katelyn GleasonCEO at Eligible
Kelsey HightowerSoftware engineer (including at Google formerly) and developer advocate
Kevin Roosetech columnist
khazzan yassineCreator of OpenPerplex
Li Speaksvideo blogger
Lily Ray Vice President of SEO Strategy & Research at Amsive Digital
Luciana BenottiAdjoint Professor at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and a Researcher at CONICET
Majime Koalaunknown
Mark Williams-CookSEO
Max Turnbull game developer
Mayank ParmarFounder at Windows Latest
Melanie MitchellProfessor, Sante Fe Institute
Mike FutiaFounder at Stupid Simple SEO
MojeekSearch engine
Nabeel S. Qureshisoftware engineer
Navah Hopkinspaid media strategist
Nick Cesarzdrummer; editor
Phil Maxwellunknown
Pranay Prateekbuilding SigNoz
Publish BrainSEO
Ravi Shahprivate equity
Richard SocherCEO at
Rob Pdigital marketer
Roger Monttistaff writer at Search Engine Journal
Sam Bownecomputer networking and security instructor
SanNuvola (psuedonym)sociologist
Sarah PerezReporter at TechCrunch
Sergei TernoCPO at Lóvi, founder of
Shalom GoodmanSEO Editor at The Wall Street Journal
Soleio ✦software designer; investor
Tom Hosiawaentrepreneur
Vasek MlejnskyCEO at E2B
Vijay Shekhar SharmaFounder at Paytm
Vivek RaghunathanAI + search at Snowflake; Co-founder Neeva (acquired by Snowflake)
Weird Medieval GuysTwitter account managed by author Olivia Swarthout
XHfounder at
Yangqing JiaFounder at Lepton AI
You.comSearch engine
zacweb developer
Zach Silberbergvideo editor and content producer