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[I am using huggingface's python sdk to deal with huggingface models. Given a huggingface model name, I want to then access the content of a specific file in that model repo - how do I do so ?]

Additional queries in eval: [access files in huggingface model repo from python sdk] 2024-04-01
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evaluating: generated response, hallucination
Yangqing JiaFounder at Lepton AI

General AI models still hallucinate like crazy.

I tried searching for "how to download a file from a hugging face repo". Results:
- @ChatGPTapp: fail
- @Google: fail
- @perplexity_ai: fail

And emerged as the only working solution. Details below.

ChatGPT hallucinated a "ModelHub" class:

Note: The query below does not exactly match the base query for this evaluation.
Search for this query on , , ,

Google thought there was a class called "HfFolder".

Perplexity proposed HfApi, which exists, but thought there were a function "download_file". is the only one that gave runnable answer.