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[improve skin naturally] 2024-06-05
systems: Google

Lily Ray Vice President of SEO Strategy & Research at Amsive Digital

One exception: this non-AI search feature continues to be just terrible, like laughably bad.

Query: “improve skin naturally”

Where to begin?

- some use verbs, some don’t
- missing images
- inconsistent images, silly/low quality images, and images that don’t match the topic at all (a skincare product bottle for “eat more fruits and vegetables”)
- the links just take you to a new search result for that topic, like “tomatoes.”
- sunflower seed
- skin health 101
- ‘S m o k i n g

(Feels a bit like the same things Google’s algos devalue when assessing content quality)

So glad this pushes down all the thoughtful, well-researched articles citing actual medical sources