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The query was not provided in the source and has been interpolated from context. 2024-05-20
systems: Google

evaluating: breaking news, misinformation
Elise ThomasSenior OSINT Analyst at Institute for Strategic Dialogue, investigator at Centre for Information Resilience

Is this ‘posts on X’ pane in Google search results new or have I just somehow not noticed it before? Because boy this seems like the ideal* vector for misinformation from X to get out into the broader public

*not ideal

I’m not sure how Google is selecting which tweets to amplify. Some are news orgs, some are journalists, but some are just random people. It doesn’t seem to be scanning for manifestly unproven claims like this, just pushing them out there

I searched for ‘Mossad’ and Google pointed me directly to this account which is clearly not officially linked to Mossad. Again this seems like a weird and poorly thought through decision by Google

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