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Colin HayhurstCEO at Mojeek

[ ... ] Firstly the summariser is not so different from the RAG protoype at The summaries on both are the pulling the same information from the search results; actually from the snippets of the top 8 ranked search results. The differences are more in the UI; both are showing the search results (only 8 in the case of with those results cited in the “Summary”/“Answer”. When search results give you links to less mainstream sources, the same will be true in both these AI answers.

You may note that when you hover over a citation in the summary the corresponding results on the vertical search links is highlighted:

Here is the same result in RAG,, with the main differences being here the addition of suggested “Related” queries and a limit of 8 results aka “Sources”:

On Google Gemini and Bard Copilot you get the following, evidently with more mainstream sources: